So when do we stop having another vote?

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It was interesting to see that Owen Smith isn’t a keen believer in democracy as his promise to have a second Brexit referendum shows.

I could’ve sworn we had a vote on Brexit just a few months ago – (I certainly visited a polling station with the wife anyway) and I’m sure that the majority of people who voted supported Brexit. (Refer to referendum result on June 23)

A second referendum doesn’t just ignore the 17.4 million who voted to leave; it also ignores the 16.1 million who voted to remain. As Mr Smith’s idea of democracy is the one where you only take the vote of those who agree with you – when do we stop having another vote, and another, and another – just to make sure?

I wonder whether Cameron is asking Theresa about that ‘cooling-off period’ just in case he changes his mind next year.

That said, given that Mr Smith is challenging a Labour leader elected with 59.5 per cent of the vote just 12 months ago, are we to be that surprised by his stance?

And if Mr Smith does become Labour leader (ha ha) will we see him asking for that second vote – just to make sure Labour want him as leader?

PS Democracy (noun) ‘government by the people’

The people have voted.

Brian Lowson

Sheffield 35