So much for loyalty

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Are we to believe that there are those who would offer their services for less than they are worth? I do not get it.

These Sheffield clubs are guilty of building up players and flogging them on.

New managers say we will keep them only to find they do not have a job either.

Do not peddle the word loyalty in football. Like any other sport where money is involved there is none. Take what you can.

It reminds me of a time when on night shift the foreman would switch his office light off to save money, until one night it stayed on and he gave a letter to one of the Sheffield lads, it was a redundancy letter. This went on through the night until one lad said; “If tha’s got more gee um art.”

This he duly did and only one person did not get his letter and the foreman said: “You should moan, I’ve got mine as well.”

So much for loyalty.

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