So many singles have this in common ... we’re lonely

Cathy Hinsley
Cathy Hinsley
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So there I was, aged 36, single parent to a two-year-old little boy, all family and friends in happy ‘coupledom’ and I had to ask myself, ‘how did I get here?’ and ‘what do I do now?’.

Was I destined to be a Bridget Jones forever ... living life in a chaotic rampage, juggling full time work, home, raising a child, dieting, dating...... oh dating!

How does that happen these days? Let’s forget that for now and just get life into some routine. Six months later , work ticking along nicely, child settled and relations with the ex amicable. Gold stars all round. But there’s something missing.

Where’s that special someone to share dinners with, have a laugh with, share love with?

And with all my friends and family happily sorted with their 2.4 lives, where were all the other single mums who must be sitting home alone?

It’s funny how when you become a single woman all of a sudden the party invitations stop.

So, Saturday night TV, a bottle of plonk and a pizza is the best you’ve got to look forward to!

Internet dating was perhaps an option to try to find that special someone and certainly would give me a reason to don some slap and a frock on a Saturday night. I felt like an intrepid explorer heading in to an exciting world of possibilities. Unfortunately the reality was far from exciting.

A few dates and short flings later I realised that actually an online profile and photograph were no way of choosing a suitable partner. It misses that one element that no tick box can give you - chemistry. A change of tack was needed. A group of girlfriends was required. Girls in the same boat as me to hang out with, laugh with and no doubt cry with, but how?

I know, I’ll organise a singles event. There must be lots of people wanting the same thing. And I was right. There is a huge population of single people in our wonderful city of Sheffield, all with one thing in common ... we were lonely.

Single Social was born and we have run many successful events for single people in Sheffield.

For me the icing on the cake was meeting my new love. Who would have thought organising a singles karaoke night in Kiveton would lead to finding my soulmate? We’re now working together to spread the love wider in Sheffield. We want more people to find what we did.

Single Social is relaunching the Bramall Lane Singles Night. So you’re wanting a good night out but no-one to go with? Come and join our ‘gang’.