Slaves to the dictats

What are the two sides of the EU debate saying about the economic risks of staying or leaving?
What are the two sides of the EU debate saying about the economic risks of staying or leaving?
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With all the various debates taking place regarding the EU and many conflicting views I think we have to ask ourselves one very important question. Do we want to be governed by our own parliament in Westminster, or continue being slaves to the dictats of our masters in Brussels?

Our whole future depends on the result of the crucial referendum and to me the answer is patently clear.

We should ignore the scaremongering tactics of David Cameron, the threats and bullying from Barack Obama and Angela Merkel and her scheming cronies who have tried to persuade us that this great country of ours is too weak to stand on its own feet and survive outside the EU.

What the unelected Brussels bureaucrats really mean is they cannot stand the thought of losing our contribution of £350 million per week as they really need us more than we need them and of course they couldn’t care less about us losing our identity and way of life.

When we cast our vote on June 23 we should recall the awful price that was paid to keep this country free and think about those mighty Lancaster bombers taking off from our airfields night after night and those brave airmen who never returned home as the battle to save Britain raged in the skies.

We should remember all the hundreds of boats that sailed off to Dunkirk to rescue the troops defending our shores against domination, and also all the cemeteries with thousand upon thousand of white crosses and memorials to all the courageous soldiers who gave their lives on the battlefield to defend our freedom and the right to govern ourselves.

Think how they would feel if we sign away our country for ever to the tinpot dictators in Brussels.

Did they pay the ultimate price for nothing?

Let no one underestimate the magnitude of what we are about to decide as if we remain in the EU it will mean the death of England as we know it. We must not allow this to be the destiny for our precious little island that has fought off invaders and has managed quite successfully to govern itself for over a thousand years.

A vote to ‘Leave’ means once again we can decide our own future without interference from a corrupt regime which is alien to our whole way of life and I have no doubt this country will be stronger for it.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescen, Lodge Moor, Sheffield S10