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Living behind one of Sheffield’s most popular nightclubs I am familiar with noise nuisance during unsociable hours and also institutional indifference to this.

However, while this currently appears to be on the wane, another noise problem, use of sirens by emergency service vehicles at night time, has become sufficiently common to wake me several times a week between 3am and 5am, despite the roads in the city centre being as quiet, in terms of traffic flow, as a country lane at that time.

I have lived in my flat close to Granville Road roundabout for nearly 10 years now but have only become aware of this problem over the last 18 months.

While sirens are unpleasant during the day, when they pass beneath my window they often have to slow down for traffic queuing back from the lights, which means noise not only exceeds comfort level but may remain stationary for 10 seconds or more.

I can understand the need for sirens given the ability of many motorists to ignore them.

At night time I question the need for sirens at unsociable hours, especially when these are used continuously rather than as the need arises.

John Baker

by email