Sincere thanks

Burncross Action Team volunteers
Burncross Action Team volunteers
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Burncross Action Team would like to express their sincere thanks to six Amey employees who used there community days to help prepare for Autumn planting in Burncross.

We are all volunteers and this work is particularly difficult for us but their support has made the job so much easier.

Brenda Hind

Chairman B.A.T

Street tree campaign

An open letter to Julie Dore from STAG, Sheffield Tree Action Groups.

Dear Julie, The many supporters of the Street Tree Campaign were heartened to hear John McDonnell’s trenchant rejection of PFI, and the enthusiastic support he received in the Labour Party Conference. We know that you have serious misgivings about the PFI system and hope you will feel this is a good time to look at how to unlock the miserable and expensive dispute over our street trees by reviewing their part in the Streets Ahead PFI Contract. We realise that you have rejected this in the past but times have changed.

Huge amounts of money have been spent by SCC, and Council Tax payers face very heavy penalties as a result of the Independent Tree Panel delays but you will be aware that resistance to the felling of healthy trees on our streets is as strong as ever. This week, between 60 and 70 Sheffield residents were out on the streets on a working day, protesting at felling sites across the city. Very few trees are being felled.

We don’t underestimate the difficulty of changing a PFI contract. However the justifications advanced to us by Amey for continuing to fell healthy trees are increasingly tenuous. STAG says Amey’s claims about the cost and difficulty of works around trees are inflated, taking advantage of their monopoly under the PFI.

It is also clear from works on several streets that highway renewal can proceed even where condemned trees have not been felled. If care of trees and associated footways and kerbs were taken back into council control this would not interfere with the highway renewal and could transform our situation and conserve millions of pounds of city assets, as proven by the recent CAVAT survey.

The street tree crisis has had one beneficial effect. Awareness of and interest in street trees has never been higher across our city and we believe there is a real opportunity to get communities involved in managing and developing our street tree stock for the health and wellbeing of this and future generations. It would give STAG great pleasure to be talking to you about such opportunities and co-developing solutions, rather than continuing this grim conflict.

Rebecca Hammond and Chris Rust

Co-Chairs, STAG - Sheffield Tree Action Groups.

You’ve got it or you aint

I just wondered whether women would be better off spending less money on so called beauty products such as make up, skin care, etcetera, and concentrate on essentials such as sensible comfortable shoes. After all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, in other words you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

EB Warris

by email

Philosophical conundrum

Mr S. Crowther poses an interesting if hypothetical question. I quote: “If a Labour Party member drops a chip whilst walking along Blackpool front does this mean that Sheffield Council is, in prosecuting someone who drops litter in Fargate, acting ironically or should the dropped chip be taken as an analogy and if so to what does it refer?”

Clearly an analogy is being drawn here between the actions of the chip dropper and the depositor of litter, but with the implication that the consequences of their actions diverge markedly.

We are not told whether the chip dropper receives a ticket for his/her indiscretion but the way the question is posed leads us to believe he or she is not.

Otherwise what would be the point of the question?

If irony there be it must surely lie in the suggestion of hypocrisy on the part of SCC in prosecuting a member of the public whilst one of its socialist brothers appears to go unpunished for an equivalent offence.

Indeed the posing of this question might itself be seen as an example of ‘Socratic Irony’ in which the questioner feigns ignorance of a philosophical point in order to lure the answerer into exposing his/her perceived ignorance of said point. Maybe so, maybe not. A point for further discussion in these columns perhaps.

I would like to close by tendering, if I may, a philosophical conundrum of my own for readers to ponder. “Could a dentist from Pwllheli be considered a gentleman of Welsh extraction?” Answers on a postcard please.

Gary Crosby

by email

Owls defeat

The manager says his team is strong, he must be joking, he does not get it!

You do not capitulate to your own city rivals under any circumstances it is an emotional thing especially on your own ground, I do not see how he can come back from this debacle.

Even winning his next ten matches would not diminish the shame of this defeat, we will have this thrown at us by United fans for years, time to go Carlos you have lost the plot.


Sheffield 12

Sheffield relics

EB Warris says that Sheffield has plenty of old relics.

Who are these people?

I think we should be told!

Stephen Crowther


Trees/asylum seekers

As I have said before, I have decided to stay out of the great Sheffield tree debate but I just had to respond to Susan Richardson’s latest diatribe.

Not regarding the trees, but why oh why does she have to bring asylum seekers and refugees into the argument? The majority of these people, who Ms Richardson so obviously despises have escaped from untold horrors in their own land to try and live a peaceful life and when given the opportunity, to make a contribution to the country that has given them new hope.

They have nothing to do with the trees and I think it very cheap and nasty to try and couple the two together in such a way.

John Scholey

Clifford Road