Simulating a virtual tour of human body

Virtual Reality Simulator at Sheffield University
Virtual Reality Simulator at Sheffield University
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AND here’s another first from Sheffield University’s molecular biology and bio-technology department...

A super-advanced simulator which allows you to (virtually) step inside the human body.

A small room at Firth Court has been transformed with the £100,000 kit, meaning anyone who walks in wearing a pair of visors will be transported into an all-encompassing 3D simulation of a human cell.

“It’s the first of its kind in the UK for research purposes,” says Dave Hornby, head of the department.

“It’s serious stuff because it will allow scientists to see how viruses, drugs and microbes react in the body...but, it’s great fun too.

“When you step inside, it’s a bit like being in Fantastic Voyage.”

That’s a 1960s science fiction film where a team of scientists are miniaturised so they can enter the body of a colleague. It’s about as good as it sounds (ie. not very).

But the simulator - installed just two weeks ago - is already attracting interest among scientists across the country.

And, perhaps more excitingly for Sheffielders, there will be an open day later in the year when non-scientists can go and step inside.