Signs of the time at train station

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A QUESTION: who on Earth thought it was a good idea to put those ridiculous new signs up at Sheffield Railway Station?

Have you seen them?

The ones which, after years of commuters managing just fine, now attempt to order people to walk on the left side only.

Why are they there? What is this modern obsession with street clutter? Are we really so incapable of managing to get our way round a small city station that we have to be mollycoddled into walking in exactly the right place?

Apologies for going all Daily Mail but, frankly, don’t East Midlands Trains have more important things to spend their (ie. our) money on?

Like making sure there are enough carriages on its trains for once?

n PEOPLE love pot plants, it seems.

Ever since I wrote about buying some for the first time I’ve been inundated with readers asking how they’re doing (if by inundated we mean a couple of brief emails and a text from me mam).

But just to keep everyone in the loop, those plants are definitely still alive. There’s even been a couple of flowers. And the original eight have been joined by two chilli plants donated by a colleague.

Stay tuned for more fascinating developments.

n PEOPLE love biscuits too.

Newspaper reports suggest, as the country’s economic difficulties continue, Britons are buying more traditional biscuits than ever before.

But doesn’t that just prove your Nana was right all along? When the world’s woes are mounting, there’s no better action to be taken than having a brew and custard cream?