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I’m contemplating watching only BBC channels as I’m sick to death of the adverts that spew out of my television.

Do the ad makers really take us all as gibbering idiots who believe all they tell and show us?

For example, the ad for Calgon shows us a technician in a white smock banging on about Calgon and how it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

But we don’t get an English-made ad, it’s so badly dubbed it makes dubbed Japanese look Oscar material.

It seems our teenagers have got rid of the teenage curse, spots, because now with Proactiv cream they are now called break-outs.

My advice to any youngster with spots is, they will go, so don’t waste money on useless cures.

Now the number of American voiceovers makes me think, are we the 51st state?

The cars in adverts always seem to be left-hand drive, why? Don’t we in England have beautiful scenery or architecture as a backdrop like other countries? How can anyone be taken in by these terrible ads?

Now I’ll move on to dishwasher tablets, the most recent one some little lad is examining a dish that’s just come out of the dishwater with a magnifying glass?

Just what kid would do that? He deduces that a piece of last night’s meal is still clinging on for dear life, but young Sherlock spotted it. Next the same dish is sparkling thanks to the new tablet used by his mum.

British Gas, this advert just makes no sense at all, what’s a penguin got to do with central heating? and why does it wear a hat, a heavy winter coat and carry a backpack.

I’ve asked Mr Attenborough and he assures me that penguins do live in a cold environment and do without gas central heating all year round, mainly because they don’t have houses and the majority live in the Southern hemisphere.

I know adverts are someone’s idea of how we live and what we believe, with every family shown living in a spotless tidy home with no electrical cables leading to TVs, table lamps, computers, that just doesn’t happen, well not in my hacienda.

Bingo sites, why is it when they show a group of people playing bingo, the attractive women are nowhere near a size 10 and the men look as though they haven’t got any life at all.

This is the ad makers’ idea of the types that play on their sites. Most of the bingo – playing ladies I know are well over 50, and stand outside Mecca in Flat Street.

I’m old enough to know what I want to buy and what to eat. I do not require some irk urging me to buy their products by way of stupid ads.

When they start to show old people for what they are, old people, then I may watch them, but in the meantime I want to be able to carry a torch in my overcoat pocket, talk about my time in the war and to ramble away in the pub without anybody listening to me. Hold on a minute that happens now, oh Gawd, I’m old but I’m loving it!

The Green Giant

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