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I’m disgusted with the way Dignity has removed all the beautiful cards and little trinkets from people’s plaques, they have not shown any dignity at all.

We have been taking cards and gifts to Grenoside for over 12 years and never been a problem.

They want to have a good look round at Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Xmas and Easter at all the rubbish being blown all over because the bins are no where big enough.

So if health and safety is Dignity’s concern they want to sort this out, as people can trip over all the rubbish piled high at the side of bins.

I will never use this company for funerals if this is what they call dignity.

Disgusted with them.

Mrs E Hallam

by email

Know what you ask for

As the complexity of Brexit becomes clear, or should I say unclear, those who voted for it are still adamant that they fully understood what they were asking for.

It turns out that we may end up retaining EU laws and we will probably ask to remain in the single market, in which case we will still have to pay in but we don’t yet know how much.

Scotland might try to leave the UK, with incomprehensible results.

The pound has already fallen and the effect on our pensions and savings can only be guessed at.

It is looking as though the eventual agreement may include accepting the current free movement of emigrants and immigrants. Even the status of Gibraltar emerges as just another example of the unknowns requiring EU agreement.

Recent reports say that Donald Trump will favour trade with the EU in preference to the UK.

The above issues are arising on a daily basis and we have a few hundred more such days before the final situation is clear. So, Brexit supporters, are you sure you predicted and understood all these issues and their outcomes before you voted?

No, I didn’t think so.


by email

Step out of your cave, LS

Where has LS (Thursday, April 13)been all these years, in a cave under the Tinsley Viaduct? He certainly hasn’t been living in the same city as me, that’s for sure.

As for the castigation of Councillor Peter Price, who, I would put money on has done more for this city in his first 30 years of life to better the lives of ordinary working class people than LS has done in the whole of theirs.

Just for starters we have:

Two top Universities, (word recognised).

We retain the highest number of students after they’ve finished their university course in the UK.

We are at the cutting edge internationally for steel making and many other innovative industries HSBC coming into the new retail quarter.

IKEA building their new store, (along with many others).

The Moor redevelopment.

Massive Chinese investment.

Ongoing work around the Canal Basin.

Brilliant media and technology innovators.

The World Snooker Championship, (that has brought millions of pounds to the city), whose praises are sung all over the world.

And much more. All this with the help of the very same city council that LS seems to have an axe to grind about.

LS and others would do better if they looked at the millions of pounds this NHS Trust and other Trusts around the country are spending to undermine our National Health Service buying in staff and services while the government stands by and watches, along with the massive American Health organisations hovering in the wings.

I say, well done Sheffield City Council, against all odds of having millions and millions of pounds taken by the government, mostly I suspect, to help many much better off councils in the South.

So come off it LS, step out of your cave and take a look around this beautiful city, which should carry on with more of the same.

Ann Travis (note: full name given)

Proud Sheffielder

Does his face not fit?

Now for something totally different. Six Paralympic gold medals, seven times winner of the London marathon and that’s just for starters. That is 37-year-old Englishman and OBE winner David Russell Weir’s record.

Anyone know of anyone better?

No! Why not a knighthood then? Many have received knighthoods and been made dames for doing much less. Is it maybe because his face doesn’t fit in with the establishment luvvies?

Terry Palmer

Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Nowt wrong wi bit o swank

Now, I’m not aiming to put a Wadsley flatback, a Barlow knife, Bowie knife, Sheffield thwittle or a Fairbairn Sykes in my fellow correspondent EB Warris’s back but to be upbraided by a gentleman from Chesterfield about the Cutler’s Company, (Star, April 24)!

Whatever would my old tutor Professor Geoff Tweedale, the late Ken Hawley or Don Alexander say, EB?

The Cutler’s Company is synonymous with Sheffield old and new and the Cutlers’ Hall one our most famous buildings and definitely guaranteed not to be demolished or facaded for a ‘new’ retail quarter which won’t be very new when it finally arrives.

Nor is it destined to be a five-star hotel or has it been mooted as a new Central Library.

Sadly though, the hall doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of Sheffield social life as it was once when we used to attend the young accountants ball wearing our Dormie Dress Hire ‘monkey suits’, (not the type Victor Meldrew got back from the dry cleaners).

Still it’s always a pleasure to see the Company’s Beadle bear the mace on his shoulder just as gracefully as our Julie from the Town Hall does on Sheffield’s other civic occasions.

Nowt wrong wi a bit o swank, eh Don?

Ron Clayton


I call it humiliation

SC says he doesn’t mind Spearmint Rhino being granted a licence again.

I am a woman with certain standards, so that is the last thing I want to hear about.

In your letter you call it pleasure that someone else likes, I call it humiliation to women and how many wives or girlfriends don’t know where their husbands or boyfriends have gone for pleasure? I can think of a lot more pleasures than that.

B Wilkinson


Great days with Nigel

RIP Nigel Goodinson, one of the best players to come of the Woodthorpe estate, and there were many in the 70s, who played on the high noon “boomerang” a few times with his infamous “case ball” he used to bring on with him. It must have weighed 10 pound when wet. Great days, rest in peace, kidder.