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Since last year the council has been running a “ Love Where You Live” campaign aimed at keeping council estates clean and reasonably litter free but all this campaign seems to involve is putting up notices and visits by council staff checking on problem areas.

We do have estate teams that do a splendid job removing accumulated household rubbish and refuse that’s dumped mainly because the tenants are just to idle to either put it in bins or as in maisonettes put rubbish down the chutes.

Many of the decent tenants old and young do their best to keep to guidelines but the council doesn’t seem to help other than putting up notices. New tenants are given an information pack but there doesn’t seem to be any rules on keeping the property in a fit and clean order, windows get smashed, litter is strewn everywhere and it’s getting worse.

A friend of mine who lives in a maisonette has seen his quality of life diminishing simply because the council hands over properties to unfit people who eventually spoil the area. He can’t approach these people simply because they just don’t care.

On some maisonettes, large grey bins and blue paper recycling bins are placed to help keep the area tidy but what happens? People come from other areas and dump their rubbish either in the bins or at the bins. Some tenants don’t know what recycling is, they think it’s something to do with bikes!

The council has been given proof about tenants who are responsible for just leaving carrier bags full of refuse and worse of all dirty nappies but the same tenants just carry on doing it. I’ve seen properties being trashed by idiot tenants and the council doesn’t seem to do anything about these people.

The council should get on top of these people and new tenants should be given a list of do’s and dont’s, no dumping rubbish, no dropping of litter, no football on grassed areas and show some respect for your neighbours.

Mrs Green Giant keeps the outside of our home well swept, grass edging neatly cut, windows always sparkle, in short she is very house proud. Our rent is paid every month and we have never been in arrears in all the time we’ve lived in Giant Towers but despite this the yobs are better treated than us.

So I implore the council, get something done about the dumped bags of rubbish, nappies, furniture etc. Show us that you are doing something instead of sitting in the office saying “well we have to see it to believe it” and putting notices up. Don’t you believe us when these problems are pointed out to you? Roll on the panto season so I can be away for a while, this season I’m one of the seven dwarves.

The Sleepy Green Giant

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