Should it be renamed?

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I must tell you that I’m sycamore letters about trees in the Star.

It’s unfir on the majority of readers.

Dave Dilner and his splinter group can’t cedar wood for the trees and were left out on a limb the other week.

It seems whilst they were barking up the wrong trees at Nether hedge the Council pulled an acer from its sleeve and a month after a meeting with tree-fellas and special branch the trees were down.

The protesters should stop pineing and looking at the world through rosewood coloured glasses.

Why don’t the protesters and the council bury the hatchet, put this un-holly row behind them, spruce themselves up and sit down to a Christmas meal. Might I suggest bird’s nest soup for starters followed by chops, beams and chippings and for dessert yule log with cream.

PS Now the rustle has gone from Rustings Road should it be renamed?

Any suggestions?

S Miller