Sheffield’s losing battles

cleaning up the Parkway Estate - example of graffitti
cleaning up the Parkway Estate - example of graffitti
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Another attempt at a brief resurrection.

Some time ago I flagged up my opinion that Sheffield had lost the litter battle.

Now I share the same opinion regarding mindless graffitti that’s spreading across the city.

Again this is a totally anti social action that is being allowed or has been allowed to get out of hand.

Politicians, at various levels, in Sheffield, raise concerns about the inbalances across the city, something others opine that they themselves have to a degree brought about.

Never in the 63 years I’ve lived in Sheffield have I seen such contrasts between the ‘showcase’ areas and the rest.

It’s undoubtedly due to the draconian Government cuts in funding and policing BUT it has to be tackled at a local level.

Property owners and businesses can surely lead the way BUT it’s also a test of those who we will shortly be asked to endorse at the ballot box.

Are they up to it?

Ron Clayton