Sheffield pranksters

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Reading Keith Parkin’s letter brings back fond memories of serving my time at Henry Boots.

As a young lad I was sent for a skirting board ladder, and told not to be long either.

I was also sent for a box of compression and a spare level bubble.

I went to the store and was told to wait for the bubble.

A while later the store man came back with a tube sealed at the ends and covered with Sellotape.

There was the precious bubble for my mate.

I was told it must be returned before 5pm home time.

What a merry time, my mate had been turned over by the storekeeper

I was fortunate to work with another group of Sheffielders, who were without doubt the finest machinists on this planet and no object could beat them in being reproduced.

This was Northern power at its best, never again to be reproduced if left to the government.

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