Sheffield poem

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I am a local poet and I have recently written a poem about Sheffield (below).

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Once steel maker for the world

tool maker, arrow forger

Harnesser of the Sheaf’s power

Strong, flexible, sharp

Bombed time and time again

Lives blitzed

Lives blighted

Brick and mortar sundered

Some call you polluted

Dark, grim and grimy

Some of your children wander poor and hungry

Others can be seen, sunken cheeks and addicted eyes

But for those who look down at this city of mine

I say show me another city free of scars

Show me another city

so strong, flexible, sharp

Such a city, glimpses of silver through the mist

Building itself, breaking down then rebuilding again

Its children laughing, singing

drinks held aloft

Ever changing, adapting

Steel and nanowires hand in hand

Green spaces encircle, embrace

Trees and people grow as one

Richard Kay