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Sheffield has is own PPI (Pathetic Planning Irresponsibility). Just look at the BBs (Billy Blunders) they have made in the past for a true record but Heritage Lover does have a point.

Go across to Meadow Street and thankfully they have planned not to go eight floors high next to Joel’s Yard.

This is an area of extreme importance so the student flats will be phased in at different levels.

As we go higher up the St Vincents Quarter the flats tend to go higher to fit in with the university buildings which overshadow the beautiful St George’s Church.

Now we go across to Boston Street and the new China Town.

Again there was height restriction next to Kung Heng, not because it was a supermarket, but it fitted in with the area.

Fast forward to the high lift shaft going in on that piece of land which I believe belonged to the Irish investors who were told you cannot go above St Mary’s church.

This information prompted them to move off the site.

I cannot recall seeing high-rise flats in Manchester’s China Town.

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n In Sheffield it maybe alright to build student housing, office space, top end apartments, four star hotels, restaurants, shops, and Chinatown, but what about the families on the council housing waiting list?

They need homes at reasonable rents which are few and far between, and I don’t see much council housing being built, if any, it seems .

EB Warris

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