Sheffield has been sold a pup with HS2

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The Star’s business page this week reported on the huge opportunities to develop the vacant site around Sheaf Square to capitalise on HS2.

This comes, it states, with the news that HS2 will come into Sheffield Midland station, thanks to a campaign by The Star, the city council and the Chamber.

As most know, there was never any campaign to bring HS2 trains into Sheffield Midland on a spur line.

The campaign, a costly failure, was for the main HS2 line to come into and out of Sheffield through a new station built around the site of the former Victoria station.

Ed Miliband, for once, was correct that in his view Sheffield “has been sold a pup”. No new station, off the main line and served by fewer trains, as opposed to the Meadowhall option which would have put Sheffield on the main HS2 route. There is no neighbouring authority congratulating Sheffield on “its success” apart from that representing Chesterfield which will be served on the spur line with no disruption or cost whatsoever to the town.

JP Sanderson

by email