Shadow Line? Flimsy payoff...

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HAS anyone else been watching BBC2’s drama noir The Shadow Line?

Decent watch and fantastic atmospherics – helped, incidently, by vintage furniture supplied by Sharrow Vale firm Bullet – but was I the only one left a little disappointed by the final twist?

After six episodes, a body count to rival a small war, a whole gallery of dirty police officers and more cash swirling around than Roman Abramovich would know what to do with, I couldn’t even begin to guess what covered-up conspiracy was so important to these characters that they kept killing each other.

It turned out to be all about police pensions.

Underwhelming to say the least.

AND talking of disappointing TV, allow me to continue being a critic by doing a dance to celebrate the end of Little Britain.

The duo behind one of the most overrated comedies ever to appear on British TV (and, yes, I’m including My Family in that) have said they’re going their separate ways.

Goodbye and good riddance.

Little Britain was crude, cruel and lowest common denominator stuff, poking fun and making stereotypes of some of society’s most vulnerable people but, a far worse crime than any of those, it was also chronically unfunny.

David Walliams is the kind of aged, oily ought-never-have-been one suspects would stab his own gran to be famous, while Matt Lucas is still trading on his Vic and Bob connections.

The thing they’ll be remembered for most? Vicky Pollard saying ’Yeah but no’.

It’s not exactly Tony Hancock, is it, lads?

FINALLY and on a calmer note, congratulations to Naomi Crowder, Sheffield’s super fit 74-year-old who this weekend completed The Great North Swim on Lake Windermere.

After featuring in The Diary last week, she completed the mile-long course in 55 minutes.

“It was 16 degrees in the water,” she says. “So not as cold as I feared.”

Sounds pretty chilly to me, Naomi, but’s to the next challenge.