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Andy Capp and Flo
Andy Capp and Flo
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In response to John Vintin’s letter asking who’s going to be cooking the Sunday roast, it’ll either be you or you’ll have to go to the pub because with that kind of antiquated sexist comment, I think wife/partner would make you wear it if they saw it.

You do know how to wash your clothes don’t you?

David Forrest

Hepworth Drive, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26


of women

I’m sure the letter from John Vintin, (Wednesday’s Star) was written ‘tongue in cheek’ as the word misogyny springs to mind if it wasn’t.

Monica Dyson

Stannington Rd, Sheffield, S6

Grab the power back

Taking back control is the talk of the town.

And poor old EU is labelled as the culprit, so the plan is to grab the power back.

But into whose hands?

Are we confident about where that power will relocate to?

Will it be us, the people?

Or our local council struggling as it is on austerity budgets to deliver services?

Or to a government in Westminster that was elected on only 37 per cent of the votes at the general election?

Those who argue loudest for “control” haven’t shared their plans for its future.

Meanwhile, we at Sheffield for Democracy are having our own conversation about how our country’s democracy needs a shake-up – so that we can be confident we do have our say and that it is heard.

Fair voting needs to be on the cards.

Then we need to decide which local, national and international bodies might exercise power on our behalf.

Join us on Monday: How should we be governed? Proportional representation, and designing a new democracy. Monday at 7pm, Quaker Meeting House.

And find us on Facebook

Vicky Seddon

Sheffield for Democracy, Westbourne Road, S10

Regular event?

I am writing to say a huge big thank you to all the shops in the city centre that took part in opening an hour earlier for children and people on the autistic spectrum to do their shopping.

Many families were able to join together and shop in a calm atmosphere without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Of course I need to say a thank-you to Sparkle, one of my chosen charities, for all their hard work in making this happen.

I hope this will be a regular event and more shops become involved.

Many thanks from Coun Denise Fox

Lord Mayor of Sheffield

Which type of diabetes?

I am emailing about the story you have published about women binge drinking before they are pregnant having an impact on increasing the risk of their babies developing diabetes.

It has not been stated which type of diabetes this is referring to. Reading the story I am led to believe that it means type 2 diabetes in later adult life.

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease that is not developed through ‘lifestyle choice’ .

As a parent of a type 1 diabetic child it is very frustrating that the public are given the wrong idea about type 1 diabetes.

It is more frustrating when information in the press is not clear when they talk about diabetes in general when they are mainly focusing on type 2 diabetes.

This is very important for those who suffer from type 1 diabetes.

I hope it will be taken into consideration next time a story on diabetes (type 2 usually) is printed.

Tracy Waite

by email

This shoddy workmanship

So much for the resurfacing of Knowle Lane.

Councillor Lodge said that the area that had sunk so dramatically on Knowle Lane would be replaced by by the end of March.

However, there’s no sign as yet of any work being done whatsoever.

May I make a suggestion to Coun Lodge that he has a day off from his duties and visits the areas that have been affected by shoddy workmanship.

I drive around Sheffield quite a lot and am disgusted by the state of the roads that have been resurfaced.

The list is too numerous so let’s all compile a list of the roads that need desperate attention, after all we have all contributed to the cost.

The Star could help by drawing attention to this problem by inviting Counc Lodge to view the complaints sent in by the readers.



Surprise surprise

I am just wondering what all these fat cat charity bosses and all other organisations that distribute all these donation out would do if the money dried up.

I can remember as a child at school being handed an envelope to put a donation in for a water-based charity and that was over 50 years ago.

I wonder how many wells have been dug in that time?

And then they shove pictures of the starving children in our faces and young girls being made to walk miles for water then carrying it miles back. Is that what we save the children for, a life of drudgery?

Perhaps supplying contraceptives would be a better idea.

I’ve always thought that when we are bombarded with these ads showing the poor starving children the people running the ads should show how much of the donations actually go to the problem.

It was shown that 75p in the pound goes on admin and only 25p goes in aid.

Can this be justified, or does the old saying of “Charity begins at home” or should it really mean “Charity begins at the charity boss’s home”?

I was watching one of these bailiff collection programmes, where they had to go and get nearly £700 from a hotel on behalf of a charity who had a buffet put on and wanted their money back,

The charity did not want to be named on the programme. As our Cilla used to say, Surprise Surprise.

Dave M

by email

Is that what we voted for?

Please, fellow readers, help me understand something.

India and Turkey are happy to initiate trade deals with the UK in exchange for the freedom of movement of their citizens.

The UK-EU movement of people will continue for some time after Brexit.

Just when I thought the referendum was about immigration, my faith in humankind has been restored.

So, why has another 10 years of austerity been planned?

Is that what we voted for at the referendum, or did I misread what was written on the big red bus at the time?

Danny Piermattei

Stannington, Sheffield

I’m out at that price

Fancy going to the City Hall to see Kraftwerk, friends say.

Oh yes please, I love ’em, let’s get tickets. On second thoughts having seen the price for the concert from £50, in the words of Duncan Bannatyne, I’m out.

Jayne Grayson