Selfish pedestrians

the car park on Eyre Street, being built in 2008.
the car park on Eyre Street, being built in 2008.
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May I take issue with the so-called Star letter on Friday.

It is yet another classic case of pedestrians taking no responsibility when they leave the pavement to step out in front of motor vehicles to enter road areas designated for cars.

The use of the terminology ‘the pavement that crossed this entry’ is laughable.

There’s no pavement, it’s a road.

The cars don’t mount the pavement to enter the car park.

And the reason they toot their horns is because people like you don’t look when they step out ‘off’ the pavement.

It would be dangerous for the vehicles to leave their back end still jutting out on the carriageway while having to wait because a selfish pedestrian doesn’t understand the dangers on the roads and cannot grasp that pavements are for people and roads are for cars.

And perhaps they ought to take some responsibility the next time they step out without looking or listening.

Paul Birch

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