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Re your article, August 6, police top cop, I think it is a disgrace that “the police top cop” feels he and his officers have done a good job during the unprecedented murder outbreak in the last few months.

It would be laughable if it were not so serious. The police have done nothing to prevent such a rise in crime, be it murders, shootings, muggings, burglaries and assaults,.

They are all on the increase in South Yorkshire and the figures would be far worse due to creative accounting of how incidents of crime is reported these days.

The lack of zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour leads the expansion of gang territory.

They know that the police are impotent in reacting to it and for a high ranking officer to praise his officers and himself for doing a bad job is pretty bad.

Robin Gissing snr

Sheffield, S12

Don’t give them money

Following reports of used needles left in postboxes and near nurseries please can I remind readers not to feed the habits of those drug users by giving money to beggars?

If the aim is to help an individual all the experts agree that it is making it worse to give them enough for the next fix and sustain their unhealthy lifestyle.

And let’s not be naive. Most of the beggars in the city centre are needle users and they want only one thing. The money they get goes straight into the hands of dealers and there is a direct connection between ease of begging money in Sheffield and the vast number of needles left around our city for children and postal workers to find.

The lucrative pitch in front of the railway station for instance, which is very convenient for users to run up to nearby South Street, score, inject and discard needles in South Park before returning to beg again.

A plea then to anyone who still does hand money to beggars please stop you are damaging our community!

Dave Watkins

Park Hill flats, S2

Give them some credit

This is in response to the article by Robert Cumber in The Star, August 6, regarding changes about to be made by Royal Mail to some postboxes in Sheffield to prevent people disposing of used needles and syringes in them.

I am fully in support of protecting postal workers from being injured by such needles while collecting letters, but I want to suggest a different way of doing this, which is to attach to the postboxes a safe container designed for the disposal of syringes and needles.

It could be painted red and placed below the letter slot, thus not being obvious to the general public but visible to those who already dispose of needles in them.

I think some credit should be given to these people for choosing an apparently safe place: metal, and not possible for anyone to reach in and grab a dangerous syringe or needle. But clearly, if the objects fall among letters then postal workers are put at risk.

A discreet disposal container attached to the postboxes being used would prevent injuries and encourage needle users to act responsibly and safely in disposing of ‘sharps’.

Ms LJ James

Sheffield, S10

Leave him where he is

The logic behind WK Murphy’s comments about removing the statue of Edward VII from Fitzalan Square escapes me. Stick him in a Park somewhere like his mum perhaps?

What does alarm me is the blighting of what was once ‘The’ civic square in Sheffield.

I was aware of plans to upgrade the square but the current demolition work looks somewhat over the top.

It’s high time the awful former Halfords building came down – WK’s ire ought to be directed against that.

Are we going to see a memorial to the Marples tragedy in the renovated square?

Finally WK, your argument is similar to that of council officers and presumably councillors regarding the Crimean War Memorial which I suspect is based on an antipathy to Sheffield’s not inconsiderable military history.

Does Leeds ever consider removing the statue of the Black Prince? Don’t be daft, they ain’t so parochial.

Leave ‘Tum Tum’ where he is.

Ron Clayton

Sheffield, S6

Make them get a job

Every day I leave my humble flat and go to work, and every day I see the same people who live close by sitting outside topping up their tan, while drinking their ale and smoking their special fags, and their offspring are left to do whatever destruction they think is OK.

When I come home the same benefiteers are still where they were when I left for my work at 9.30am, a little drunk and a lot more vocal.

Just why aren’t these benefiteers made to get a job?

Never mind their human rights, get them out to work.

It seems the only thing they are good at is knocking children out.

At 10pm before I go to bed, early shift tomorrow, I have a cup of tea on my small veranda looking down on the vista.

They are still drinking, they are still smoking their special fags, swearing at their children – just how any parent can swear at little children or any children for that matter is just beyond me.

They all have large-screen TVs, mobile phones, some have cars, in fact they have all the comforts that I would like but I have to work and try to save a little money out of my wages to buy them.

Now this little gem is true. I was waiting for the 252 bus last Monday, a day’s holiday for me, oh happy day, and at the bus stop a woman who lives near me was on her phone talking to some benefit agency.

“Do you know I live on my own with three kids? Well I need money for food.”

I thought strange she lives with her boyfriend who seems to be actually working, so they are fleecing the system.

I could never ever envisage not working and wasting my life drinking and smoking and living on benefits.

I pray every day that these benefiteers get the shock they need and deserve by making them take any job that needs doing.

M Anthony

Sheffield, S14