Searching for Habbijams

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I would like to search for descendants, (or anyone who may recall my actual family), or anything about our family Habbijam. Luckily it’s an unusual surname.

I believe the family came to Sheffield from Retford in the early 19th century and my last known relatives were connected to Tyzacks, with my great uncle dying in the early 1970s.

I plan to come to Sheffield this year to see if I may visit Tyzacks and do some research in the local records.

I have noticed that the name appears quite often in your newspaper archives on the net.

For example, my great uncle had to break down the bathroom door to sadly find that his dad, (my great grandfather), had died in the bath, (as reported in the Telegraph June 14, 1950).

I would love to find anything out about the family, especially if there are any living relatives or even just to pay my respects wherever they are buried.

Tess Moore