Scribes want all the glory

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Congratulations to all our magnificent sportsmen and sportswomen out there in beautiful Rio.

They have shown the world what we Brits can do when we all pull together and stop making derogatory remarks about one another.

However on the home front, there are one or two little things that confuse me or should it be bemuse me.

Trampolinist Bryony Page was born and brought up in Huntingdon but this paper keeps telling us about ‘our Sheffield Lass’’.

The same applies to ‘Yorkshireman’ Chris Mears born and brought up in Reading, but no mention of it anywhere.

Obviously the scribes want all the glory for our fair county.

Do the pundits realise the people of Reading and Huntingdon will also be celebrating for Chris and Byrony?

Methinks if ‘Old Adolf’ passed through The Broad Acres on the Flying Scotsman at 100 miles per hour some of the Yorkshire media would be calling him a Tyke.

George HJ Frederick

Fitzwilliam Street, Swinton, S64

Footnote: Bryony is a Sheffield University graduate and a member of Sheffield Trampoline Academy.