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It is hugely disappointing to learn that the interim injunction to stop the felling of healthy, mature and retainable trees has been recently lifted.

I suppose all that is left to the people of Sheffield is to take things to the Independent Tree Panel, should the correct number of household surveys create that opportunity of course.

But there’s huge issues with that process.

For a start, this so-called “independent” tree panel has been selected and paid for by Sheffield City Council.

Conveniently it is so “independent” that the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, Coun Terry Fox, said at the full council meeting on February 3, that he does not know when it is sitting because it is “independent”.

For ages, SCC have also failed to tell anyone how to get any additional information, apart from the results of the arguably-flawed surveys, to this panel.

Now they are saying that additional information can be delivered in any way we want. So, I’m sending mine by carrier pigeon.

While SCC can argue they are not being obstructive, they are not being clear or helpful either are they? The whole thing is Kafkaesque.


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