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First bus company
First bus company
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I agree with correspondent Dean Hopcroft, of Sheffield, S13, with his letter on the current state of X78 bus service between Sheffield Rotherham Doncaster.

It’s a shambles and as has been said all First seem to be bothered about is its all-singing, all-dancing X1 service.

The problem, made even more hopeless, is that since the end of January 2017 the service has been operated from the Doncaster depot rather than the Rotherham depot, which is due to close at the end of February.

Also, since the end of January, the service has been worked with a Doncaster to Rossington service which is quiet often worked with single decker Street lite buses, which are not fit for the X78 service.

And there seems to be a shortage of staff who have been leaving since the closure of the Rotherham bus garage was announced.

It seems that First have not learnt any lessons since they messed the service up last September... when they introduced the X1 service.

So can Mr Alan Riggall of First group come onto “Your Say pages” and say how sorry the company is for the shambles of the X78.

Also at the same time if Mr Riggall can also make an apology to the people of Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield for the extra pollution that First bus will be making when it finally shut its Rotherham bus garage down and all the empty buses are running from Doncaster/Sheffield to Rotherham at the start and end of services.

All that extra pollution, which doesn’t go well with members of the public who suffer from asthma, it’s only bound to get worse for people of South Yorkshire.

Andrew Barclay

Raven Road, Nether Edge, S7