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Save the bees
Save the bees
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Two applications have been made to lift the ban on bee-keeping pesticides this year.

Our MPs are currently considering this, yet bees are essential, not only to pollinate plants, but also to biodiversity and they play a major part in our food chain, quite apart from our own wellbeing.

Scientists from across the world state that without bees, many areas of our own food chain, here in the UK, would suffer dramatic declines in production.

Some areas in the world are totally dependent upon bees for their livelihood – a recent example in China where bees were devastated caused massive crop failure, affecting communities totally dependent upon fruit farming.

There is a huge decline in bee numbers due to many causes, including parasites.

We must not exacerbate this decline by lifting the ban on pesticides that kill bees – we must protect them and enhance our environment to make it more bee-friendly – not less.

What will our grandchildren think if we follow this path of greed for some – aiming to maximise production in some areas of agriculture at the great expense of others and of our countryside, our heritage, to pass on for future generations?

David Allen

Highstone Farm, Racecommon Lane, S70