Sad day for country if we stay in the EU

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After a fake EU renegotiation insincere ex-Carlton Television PR man, David Cameron tries to fool us by manufacturing a non-existent victory with his reformed Europe.

Unfortunately, the Remain campaign and their leader, David Cameron won’t tell you these embarrassing facts: before Cameron’s EU reform there were around 23,000 EU legislative Acts applicable to Britain and after the renegotiation theatrics?... There will still be 23,000 EU Acts in place.

Cameron got exactly what he asked the EU elites for – nothing!

It is perfectly possible to Leave the EU’s anti-democratic and unaccountable political institutions and remain in the Single Market via an exit strategy of phased withdrawal using the established Norway option: See

Invoke the Article 50 exit clause in the EU treaty, requiring the EU to negotiate a new relationship when Britain leaves political union.

Retain access to the Single Market which is larger than the EU and is covered by a separate treaty which Britain, like non EU Norway, is already signed up to thus ensuring no economic disruption and reducing EU contributions by up to £9 billion per annum.

Only 20 per cent of the EU’s 23,000 Acts cover the Single Market, so the remaining 80 per cent will be nationalised on EU exit then reviewed, amended or repealed as needed over future years with no impact on Single Market trade.

Instead of having a mere 1/28th of the EU’s one vote, Britain regains 100 per cent of its own vote, voice and veto at the real top tables – the global regulatory bodies above the EU where the majority of global regulations come from and which the EU merely implements in the Single Market.

Along with Norway and Canada, Britain will exercise exactly the same voting strength as the EU on the global bodies.

The alternative to independence is to remain in an unstable, undemocratic and declining political union with a failing currency and social unrest.

It will be a sad day for this country if we do not vote to leave.

John Wilkinson

Bateman Road, S66