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Headed by the energetic John Willis, a group of volunteers run a weekly live music Folk and Roots concert at The Ukrainian Centre in Doncaster, DN2 4AD, ( The club is a Not-For-Profit Association running a regular gig that was established in September 1974 at The Rockingham Arms pub in Wentworth Village, South Yorkshire.

Recently, on September 1, the Doncaster venue was burgled and all of the PA sound equipment, amplifiers, sound desks and microphones etc were stolen.

There is no money to replace everything that was stolen, putting the future of the club in jeopardy.

Several gigs are booked into late 2017 and these would need to be cancelled and the club closed.

An earnest fund-raising campaign is underway, therefore, to replace all the stolen PA gear in order to carry on.

To get through this critical immediate stage, the club is hiring and borrowing PA gear for current gigs but donations are needed desperately.

The Roots Music Club has meant a lot to the volunteers as well as the community of people who have enjoyed high caliber talent at the club nearly every Friday night for the past 43 years.

Roots, not surprisingly, won the BBC Radio 2 Folk Club of the Year Award in 2016 in recognition of its sheer excellence.

Volunteers are trying to keep the club alive but cannot do so without the help of the community who are rising to the occasion.

The club is ever so grateful to have already received £700 toward the £2,500 goal in the first 36 hours of establishing the fundraising campaign.

Donations are currently being accepted via

Search for “Replace Stolen P.A. gear” or follow the link below:

Paula Moore

for Roots Music Club