Robbed at airport

Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
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If you want to be robbed big time, try Doncaster Finningley Airport.

Costs £2 to drop people off and £2 to pick them up!

Whose pockets are these charges lining?

Mrs C Tetley


A bit of irony

Be a bit of an irony if the Trawlers Catch won Chip Shop of the year 2018, top ten finalists page 23, Tuesday’s Star.

On page 6 it’s got a one star rating from the food standards agency for hygiene.

Just saying like.

Dave Hudson

Sheffield, S5

The fault lies with Labour

Finally, after almost fifteen months Jared O’Mara has found his voice and made his maiden speech in the House of Commons.

One must feel sympathy for him as he has been used by the Labour Party and then effectively abandoned by it when he became a liability.

He has done Labour a service by resigning, leaving it clear to select another candidate without the embarrassment of deselecting him. I fear he was selected primarily because Labour could then tick all the inclusivity boxes demanded by its various policies. Pure virtue signalling as it turns out because it wasn’t at all prepared to provide the support mechanisms he needed from the start.

Having put him in this position while being aware of his dubious attitude to women and members of the Gay community, if not more of his issues, it had a duty of care to him.

What now? How does Jared O’Mara feel knowing that once fellow Labour MPs are demanding for him to stand down? He seems unable to withstand the stresses of the job so will he be able to carry on? Above all, what message does this send out to other aspiring MPs who also have a disability? It’s one thing giving lip service to inclusivity, but its implementation is key if we are to attract people of the calibre we need in Parliament, disabled or otherwise. True democracy means that all people have a voice. Now none of us in Sheffield Hallam can be sure of that. It’s a mess, and the fault lies squarely with Labour.

M Aston

Dore, S17

City is going downhill fast

I was born in Sheffield in 1954, schooled and worked there until I moved to Torquay, Devon in 1993.

I must admit that after moving the first thing my wife and myself missed was the friendliness and the Northern culture of Sheffield people and also some of our old friends and acquaintances. It took both my wife and myself some time to settle and get used to the culture change and at times we did question if the move was a positive one.

We do have contact with some old neighbours and friends and some family and also have the Star paper sent to us, therefore we are well aware of current events and changes.

We now sadly have to admit that it seems our move was one of the best things that we did, what with all the stupidity of needlessly chopping down some of the trees - which also made news headlines on TV - and issues around Page Hall and fly tipping etc. To cap it all Sheffield now has the new mayor Magid who, with some of his comments and stunts ie the sombrero, finally seems to have put the top on it.

If the information received by media and read in the Star, especially the letters page, is accurate sadly Sheffield is going down hill fast from what it used to be.

I can only emphasise greatly now that I am so so glad we left.

Keith Earl

Babbacombe, Torquay

Grim history

So the Old Coroners Court is going. Its walls echo tragedy -drink and poverty fuelled in many cases.

Death by cut throat razor, domestic violence and tragedy which the long drop would not have prevented.

More apartments. This time the building didn’t need arson to speed it on its way.

I wonder if the planning department pass on any photos of such buildings to Picture Sheffield? Bit of Sheffield history, however grim and unprepossessing.

Ron Clayton

Sheffield, S6

Why De Hood has to stay

The De Hood boxing gym has to stay. For many people on low incomes like myself it is affordable. It keeps the kids off the streets, giving them focus and teaching respect.

For me it is more than a gym, it’s a community. The exercise is a natural antidepressant. Suffering from depression for 25 years all my adult life I have tried many ways of coping but De Hood is the best. My family live miles away in the Midlands but I have a second one here.

It’s something I look forward to everyday, a reason to get up and get moving every morning.

There is always someone to listen or counsel, we play jokes, share health tips and there’s always loads of laughter.

I usually run half marathons, 10k races, parkruns and even co-lead a running group.

Due to a knee injury that has stopped for the last four months, but seeking help at De Hood using their verti-running machine for 20 minutes a day and receiving the correct advice, we are feeling pretty confident I will be running the Sheffield 10k. This would never have happened without De Hood. I would have carried on running, causing further permanent damage.

I have even done something I never dreamed I would do by stepping into the boxing ring three times for charity since I started attending De Hood a year ago.

I am not alone as this place has given me so much confidence and a sense of belonging. It is truly special and something the Manor should be proud of. A valuable part of our community we need to keep.

Rachel Seddon

Sheffield, S9

MPs extra holidays

If you are a parent and you take your kids out of school you get a fine.

Yet Theresa May is calling time on the Government. She’s shutting it down one week early.

The MPs are getting an even longer holiday this year.

Brexit will still be rumbling on and on till God knows when.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35