RIP Labour Party?

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Many letters criticise the Labour Party and not unjustly.

Fact being that Labour long ago deserted and abused its core vote who were responsible for Labour’s “existence”.

For at least two decades Labour has been compelled to rely on its mainstay Muslim vote and without which would be dead in the water.

However, cracks are appearing in the Labour Party that suggest in the near future, Muslims will desert their Labour foothold and vote for their own Islamic Party.

No doubt this scenario will leave Labour on the brink of extinction and many will say that Labour brought about their own demise.

Will it be RIP Labour Party?

J Oxby

Greenland Drive, Sheffield, S9

My bit of history

Noting from the ‘Your Say’ column and mention of the damage to the Wicker Arches, you bring into the debate the name of Bill Ronksley.

As it happens, Bill and myself have come into contact through his work as an organiser with ASLEF, the locomen’s union.

I was for a time the Branch Secretary of ASLEF at Mexborough locomotive depot and we’ve also met when I have been involved in inquests following fatalities involving the public. It’s good to know he’s still taking an interest in present controversies.

To widen the subject of the Blitz, I’ll add my bit of history to the night and onward.

On the night of the first raid, Thursday, December 12, 1940, I was at home in Conisborough, near Doncaster. I was aged 14 and had started work at Denaby Main Colliery. We used to take a weekly newspaper called the South Yorkshire Times. It had an advert for a charity concert at the Royal Cinema in Mexborough. In those days cinemas weren’t allowed to open on Sundays except for live shows for charity.

I said to my mother that I would like to go and see the one at Mexborough, but she reminded me that I would have a long walk home as the Trackless, (as we called the trolley buses), would be shutting down due to the blackout.

Nevertheless, I still looked forward to going – for the first time in my life I’d a ‘bit’ of money in my pocket after starting at the pit.

Unfortunately, Gerry decided to come and bomb Sheffield. My mother had a sister who lived in Sheffield and my mother was anxious to go and see if the family had been affected.

There was no telephone communication because the telegraph poles had been brought down, (Note! No mobiles). But my mother was persistent and she asked me if I would go with her to Sheffield. I agreed but I still pointed out to her that I had tickets for the Sunday show and would try and get to Sheffield later in the week.

I attended the show at the Royal Cinema on Sunday, December 15, 1940. At the end of the show, we came out to hell on earth. We could see the glow of the fires down the Don Valley. Shrapnel was falling all around us and an air raid warden was shouting at me to take cover.

I could hear a droning up above us as bombers made their way down the Don Valley, (the Don flows through Mexborough eastwards and we’ve always assumed the bombers used the Don to guide them home).

We also learned that the shrapnel falling around us would be from the anti-aircraft battery positioned in a farmer’s field at Ravensfield.

Eventually, myself and my mother made it to Sheffield and confirmed that my relatives had not been injured.

An interesting point to note is that as we arrived in Fitzalan Square, severe bomb damage had affected mainly shops. An outstanding sight was the bomb damage to the C&A, it’s iconic logo hanging off. A point of interest is that if I can jump forward a few years, I am a British Infantry soldier in Dusseldorf, Germany. We had a church army canteen in the bombed-out city in a street called Schadow Strasse and looking down the bomb-damaged street, there hanging away from the shops was the same C&A logo that I’d seen in Sheffield.

Jim Mason


That is rather her forte

I have had my disagreements with Susan Richardson but her reply to JP Sanderson is the first time that I have thought her ridiculous.

To embark upon a diatribe against that section of humanity which fails to share your values and beliefs is one thing.

For the person launching that attack to suggest such recalcitrants should be culled is something else.

To claim that such a comment made in that context by someone who ‘chooses their words very carefully’ should be regarded as being made tongue in cheek, well I refer you to my opening sentence.

From what I remember of Mr/Ms Sanderson’s letter much of what Ms Richardson wrote in reply seems to ignore the central point being made but in my experience that is rather her forte.

Stephen Crowther


Too scared to dodge taxes

So tax-dodging stories are all over the news again.

I pay my taxes like the good citizen I am, if I didn’t I would be scared of what could happen to me.

These scandals have been going on for ages, nothing changes, people get named and shamed, but so what.

Are they bothered that we know they are getting round the system?

To be truthful if I could do some tax avoidance I would but I am small fry, I do as I am told and pay up.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Train of thought

If, when travelling on a train going at 100 miles per hour you jump in the air, thus having no physical contact with the train, why is it you don’t land further down the carriage instead of on the spot you actually jumped from?

Surely, while you are in mid air for a fraction of a second the train should travel without you leaving you further down the carriage.

The Green Giant

by email

Quad bike doesn’t exist

We read press reports regarding quad bikes, however, quad means four, eg quadruplets, bi means two, eg bicycle. Therefore, in reality a quad bike doesn’t exist, they have four wheels.

Philosophy or pedantry?

Phil Parker

Millhouse Green, Penistone

I don’t believe it

Again on November 2, The Star reports on beggars on city centre streets getting up to £200 a day. Is there proof, which I doubt very much, with fewer folk using the city centre as it’s so drab. Please get the proof of beggars getting up to £200 a day. Get a reporter to try it for a day. I for one do not believe it.

G Ellis

Cottenham Road, S65