Retribution on the Rustlings Road lot?

Street cleaning
Street cleaning
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Two weeks ago, November 28, we had a letter pushed through the door, around 8.30pm, from the council, telling us that on Friday of that week, December 2, they would be cleaning our street gullies, (drains to me and you), on Rustlings Road, between noon and 2pm, and could we make sure all our cars were moved so the work could be carried out.

You can imagine our suspicion after recent events.

Any way, my wife and I moved our cars before noon on the day and waited.

At 12.30pm there was no sign of activity so we rang Streets Ahead/ Amey.

“They’re on a late lunch and will be with you shortly,” they said.

When we asked why quite a few of our neighbours hadn’t received a letter, the answer was that only householders with a gully directly outside their house got one, which must have been a joke, as parking on the road is at a premium – you have to park where you can – if there’s a space, a near neighbour will fill it, or someone visiting the parks will.

Amey never arrived and no gullies were done at all on the day!

Imagine my surprise this morning, Monday, Decemebr 12, to be woken at 5.30am by the heavy sound of a drainage lorry outside our house!

And this, after Julie Dore and Bryan Lodge had apologised to us less than a week ago at the council meeting, and also in a letter dated December 5, from Coun Lodge for the actions of contractor Amey, on their behalf, regarding the distress and anxiety caused by the procedures they undertook to chop down the wonderful mature lime trees on our road.

It’s obvious now that they only meant that trees wouldn’t be chopped down before 7am and we could be fair game for anything else.

It still begs the question – what time do gully (drain) cleaners start work?

If they were on the road at 5.30am, they must have clocked on at the depot sometime before that – and is this another part of the retribution on the “Bolshie” Rustlings Road lot?


Annoyed council tax payer