Rent control and more social housing

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“Pay to Stay” rent hikes for households with incomes of £31,000 or more from next April are not only unfair, but also aimed at solving the wrong problem (Star September 23).

The current unfairness in housing isn’t well-off council tenants enjoying a low rent, it’s private tenants being ripped off. We need rent controls and more social housing. The Tories want to divide us on the lines of “working people lose out but those on benefits gain”.

But communities need to stay united in fighting austerity. Nobody gains and those on benefits have borne the brunt of austerity cuts so far. People in poverty have taken double their share of public spending cuts, disabled people nearly four times their share. The Tories are vulnerable with a majority of only 12 and have troublesome Brexit backbenchers to keep in line.

Regrettably, there will continue to be no organised, cross-party opposition to this and many other unfair Tory measures in Parliament while Labour party in-fighting continues.

Brian Webster

Broomhill & Sharrow Vale Green Party