Regeneration of Castlegate

Castlegate. Picture: Andrew Roe
Castlegate. Picture: Andrew Roe
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I welcome the plans to regenerate the rundown Castlegate area, (Star July 31), which, with ingenuity and of course the necessary funding, has the potential to be a huge success and give the area a much needed new lease of life.

Let’s face it Castlegate has been deteriorating for years long before Castle Market was demolished, but at long last there is the chance to uncover one of the most important parts of this city’s history with an archaeological excavation of the castle’s remains.

It is also good news that vacant shops will be brought back into use and that essential repairs will be carried out on the badly neglected Old Town Hall which are long overdue.

This wonderful historic building urgently needs to be fully restored and brought back to life so that it can serve the people of Sheffield once again as, with careful and sensitive planning to preserve its features, it can be put to a variety of new uses.

Sheffield needs to capitalise on its historic past which up to now it has failed to do, as I firmly believe that most of our old buildings, (the few we have left), with their beautiful architecture can be adapted for the 21st Century and attract footfall back to neglected areas of the city.

I hope we can soon see the plans for this area become a reality as with a thousand years of history Castlegate deserves to be put back on the map as a place that people will want to visit for business, shopping or for its historical features once the castle’s remains are unearthed.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Digging Sheffield

The Star’s admirable piece, (July 21), on the archaelogy of Hollis Croft deserves a response.

It was good to see Dinah Saich, South Yorkshire Archaelogy Service,hard hatted and hi vis vested against the extensive background of the site. There’s many a Sheffielder hoping to see Dinah against a similiar background of the remains of Sheffield Castle with scores of ordinary Sheffielders and schoolchildren having a look at what is going on the site of what some have called ‘the people’s castle.

The Hollis Croft - a historic name in its own right - dig was on the site of the former Footprint Tool works. I note how the Star’s reporter referred to the site ‘disapearing under another block of student flats’. To the best of my knowledge the only piece of city centre archaelogy uncovered for Sheffield folk to see is outside Irwin Mitchell’s in Millsands.This seems a pity as more features such as the latter would add interest to central Sheffield’s cityscape and alleviate the need for the seemingly ineviatable public art - some of which is frankly meaningless.

A final point- there is a memorial plaque to a Sheffield Cutler - William Bradshaw - dated 1750 that was preserved in the wall of Footprint Tools. The developers to their credit have advised me they intend to incorporate it in the new development. Personally I would have liked to seen it in the Cutlers Hall or Kelham Island where the Sheffield public could see it.

Ron Clayton


Mind your own business

I have tried to remain impartial over the tree felling issue but I feel I must comment after reading yet more letters on the subject in Saturday’s Star.

It seems that there is a small but vocal group of people bombarding us with tales of “shocking heavy handed tactics”. I have witnessed first hand groups of strangers driving round my estate in cars and on motorcycles, parking haphazardly and hanging about round my property. On the couple of occasions I have engaged in conversation with these people I have found some, (not all), to address me in a very superior manor. I came away feeling that they obviously thought they were a cut above everyone else and didn’t need to listen to anyone else’s point of view.

Contrary to what Susan Richardson wrote, I found the tree felling crews to be polite and extremely long suffering while I witnessed a protester pretending to be pushed!

As I have said I was an impartial onlooker but I now wish these protester would mind their own business - let them protest about trees in their own areas and leave us to judge each tree individually.

We all have a right to a point of view and I wouldn’t dream of standing outside someone else’s house imposing my views on them. Just to be clear, I love trees and our green city and if these people are so concerned about our environment perhaps they should stop driving their cars needlessly.


by email

Is this the same Paul?

Paul Burrel says it’s disgusting Channel 4 are playing the peoples Princess’ private conversations.

Is this the same Paul who was Diana’s so called rock, the one who wrote a book about her and has been dining out on his Royal stories ever since?

He didn’t care about hurting her family’s memories.

Pot, kettle, black.

Jayne Grayson

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No pride in Sheffield

Is Sheffield still a part of Yorkshire? As an ex Sheffielder, now living just over the border in Derbyshire, I decided that I would fly the Yorkshire Rose on Yorkshire Day.

However, after searching the town centre asking for a Yorkshire flag I drew a blank, (and in some cases, blank stares!). I even tried the Town Hall, the young lady on the desk was very obliging and tried to find where I could purchase one. But no luck, in desperation I even tried the Yorkshire bank! The only ‘helpful’ idea that I was given was to “try online”!

I Have to say that Sheffield is no credit to the county! I will always be proud of our county, but that pride does NOT include Sheffield!

Maureen Keeton

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Evil weeds

I was astounded to learn that Durham police are no longer intending to prosecute non-commercial growers of cannabis plants. What they don’t seem to realise is that these addictive weeds grow like courgettes and we all know just how much trouble courgette growers have giving away their massive crops. Such selective law enforcement policies can only lead to the privatisation of the police force in order to uphold standards and save our youth from the ravages of these evil plants.

John Eoin Douglas

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Keeping faith

Sheffield Wednesday have to get promotion this season to keep Carlos Carvalhal in a job. For this third season Carlos will have to get the team winning right from the start for the chairman to keep faith.

Lee Johnson

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