Reform is long overdue

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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As expected the Lords have given the inexperienced “Terrible Twins” a bloody nose.

Successive governments have talked about reforming the House of Lords, now it has come to bite them, (the Tory party), even though Cameron quite recently did his best to make sure on his second spell, to initiate an increase in Conservative lords over others.

What a disaster. I personally suspect Osborne dreamed up this typical Tory move, against the findings of the studies and some of his own lot.

He seems to have thought wrongly that the Conservative lords would vote ‘yes’.

But most of them took the Labour Peers’ stand.

It is very naive of Osborne, very arrogant because the whole nature of his scheme surely should have been handled by IDS as a welfare matter, (just another failure of his previous position).

What a bunch, Cameron should have got on with the Lords reform instead of creating more Conservative Lords etc.

What beats me is the system where elected MPs can be brought to a halt by unelected peers.

It defeats all logic, everyone knows the peers’ reform is well and truly long overdue!

Stan Bradbury

High Green