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Back in 1968 after working in a rolling mill for a year,I decided it was time for a change,especially as the job I was doing didn’t pay me a full wage until I was 21.

So after 12 months of doing this job, knowing the fella on the next set was getting twice as much money as me doing the exact same job, I put my notice in.

The following Friday I picked up my wages and P45 and set off down Penistone Road, turned up onto Langsett Road, where they were building the Kelvin flats.

I walked onto the site, knocked on the site office window and asked the manager if they wanted any men. He invited me in, took my name and address, gave me a works number and said I’ll see you on Monday at 8am.

So, all in all, in about 45 minutes I’d left one job and got another.

Now, fast forward to 2016. My eldest son was made redundant at the beginning of December. He applied for half a dozen jobs and got a reply from a very large, well- known delivery company. They arranged an interview and even rang him to make sure he would attend.

He goes for the interview, gets the job and is told it’s just a matter of having a DBS check, (whatever that is), then a drugs and alcohol test, then an induction, then a ride-along and the job is his.

He’s passed the drug and alcohol test, now they’ve told him it’s a month in hand and he’ll need about £300 for his fuel, which he claims back.

Are these people for real? The lad’s been out of work since December. Where the hell do they think he’s going to find £300?

It’s no wonder this company are always after new drivers and that so many people out of work.

Ted Fowler

by email