Red for dementia?

Red doors
Red doors
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Many thanks to Jayne Grayson, keep your letters coming, your latest one, Behind red doors, January 23, 2016, was very informative to me.

You wrote that asylum seekers in Middlesbrough say that they are being victimised as they are living behind red doors.

Some months ago the interior of our building was painted.

Residents used to be asked to choose the colour they would like for the door to their flat.

But this time, doors on each landing were painted the same colour. On my landing all the doors are bright red.

I asked a warden the reason for this and he told me that it was to help people with dementia find their landing.

I replied that if a dementia patient arrived at the designated landing and ws confronted by a row of red doors, wouldn’t it confuse the patient even more?

The warden agreed that it would.

So, Jayne Grayson, thank you, are we, where I live, to expect more dementia patients, or heaven forbid, asylum seekers?

Just a thought!

Eileen Stennett