Reason to leave the EU

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Here is another reason to leave the EU.

Six more terror suspects have been told they will not be deported because of their human rights.

They are said to be a threat to our security and yet they cannot be named and are living somewhere in England.

The remain in Europe bullies say we are a weak little country and we cannot survive on our own.

They say that if we vote to leave the rest of the EU will struggle to survive and be left weak and vulnerable.

It doesn’t sound as if we are the weak country to me.

Brussels want to make one big EU army to control everyone.

Remember, your ancestors fought bravely and many died to prevent us being ruled by Germany.

If we don’t take this chance now they will gain more and more control and there will be nothing left of this country for future generations.

Further proof is the admission that David Cameron did go to Brussels determined to get the reforms on the EU but was stopped by Angela Merkel

Worried Pensioner

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