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Julie Walters
Julie Walters
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I always like Julie Walters, she’s always seemed a really good egg.

She turned down the chance to do big Hollywood movies after the sucess of Educating Rita as she said the money was great but the work wasn’t.

She wants to be remembered for great work not for being famous. She says what job is fame and why is it turning into a job for these reality Z-listers.

Everytime you turn the Tv on or open a paper there are pages of these people who have got nothing to say, they have used up there 15 minutes so why don’t they move on and get a proper job, because being famous isn’t one.

Jayne Grayson

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Missing Tree Strategy

The Tree Management Strategy to which Sheffield City Council’s Streets Ahead and its contractor Amey are sort of working, ran out in 2017.

May I ask: where is the Tree and Woodlands Strategy publicly promised for 2018?



Please explain

Could someone please inform me why we are having to negotiate to leave the EU when the British people have never ever even had a vote to join this unelected ‘mafia’ run club in the first place ?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

CTS Old Boys Association

I see the CTS Old Boys Association is in the news again.

I hope the amazing Mr Ron Underdown is still with us. Tall and built like a brick privy Mr Underdown had a prominent quiff of hair and wore a blazer and slacks and an undeniable air of authority.

I suspect he had done National Service and was a keen Rugger player. He seemed to have a permanent cold and bemusement at the ambitions of one Joseph Cocker.

Likewise Mr Pete Lee was a dapper gent and the smarter prototype for Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer, (not many people know that), Mr Lee once praised a piece of composition of mine that would see us burnt at the stake these days. Top blokes both.

Another Big Ron


Murderous events

The UN and NATO, wringing their hands, should be ashamed at their inaction over the murderous events taking place in Syria.

A Butcher

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Immortalised in bronze

In the James Shield column Friday, February 23, James stated Jimmy Hagan was immortalised in bronze along with Derek Dooley outside Bramall Lane, (Cherry Street car park).

In fact it is great club servant and record appearance holder Joe Shaw who stands along side Derek. There is though somewhere inside the Lane a smaller bronze statue of Jimmy unveiled by the great Portugese legend Eusebio in 2001.

Which brings me round to Pete Godfreys letter about Jimmy and TC.

What I would say is each generations of greats varies on what you see, I thought TC was legendary and still do.

My old man was lucky enough to see both and leaned towards Jimmy.

Regards the sitting on the ball incident, I was there that September night in 1973 and I thought it hilarious.

Why Cec Coldwell would be angry I don’t know, there was little time left and United were 5-0 up.

A few weeks later I attended my first England match at Wembley and TC scored in a 7-0 dismantling of Austria.


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The Great North Run

Diabetes UK are urging people to go the extra mile on Sunday, May 20, by taking part in this year’s Simply Health Great Manchester Run for the charity.

The iconic race sees thousands of runners take on both the 10k and half marathon challenges making the event suitable for all athletic abilities. Runners will take in views of some of the city’s most significant landmarks including Old Trafford Football Ground, the Imperial War Museum and Beetham Tower.

Diabetes is a serious condition that, if not properly managed, can lead to devastating complications such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and amputation. Every day, around 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes so every mile you run and every pound you raise for Diabetes UK will help us realise a world where diabetes can do no harm.

All runners who join the Diabetes UK team receive a branded vest, crazy hair, a fundraising toolkit, online support and training tips. They will also be cheered on by Diabetes UK supporters along the route giving them an extra boost towards the finish line.

To sign up just visit:

Stephen Ryan

Head of the North, Diabetes UK

Keep the old maps too

It’s good to read that the local bus operators and the travel organisations are taking steps to improve city bus services, (Star, February 21), and that a tube-style map for high frequency services will feature prominently.

I do hope that this does not mean that the existing maps that cover North & South Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham are going to disappear?

Those existing maps are quite detailed and allow travellers to see which routes the buses follow and indeed the roads the buses travel along, and provide a frequency table.

These maps are invaluable in the absence of, the difficult to find, timetables with detailed routes stated within them.

So bring on the tube-style maps and make all those other changes that are necessary to help improve services but please keep the existing route maps.