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Our readers, visitors and followers had plenty to say on The Star’s social media sites this week on the state of Sheffield’s now derelict Ski Village

We highlighted the shocking state of the once-iconic attraction – the slope which helped produce a generation of skiers representing Team GB in the Winter Olympics.

Pictured is MP Jim Dowd on his vist to the factory at Parkway Rise,Sheffield where Hendersons Relish is produced.Jim with Sheffield MP Clive Betts(left)

Pictured is MP Jim Dowd on his vist to the factory at Parkway Rise,Sheffield where Hendersons Relish is produced.Jim with Sheffield MP Clive Betts(left)

Once renowned for attracting the country’s top skiers all that now remains of the alpine-style village is a dilapidated slope, the charred remains of buildings, piles of rubbish, graffiti and weeds.

This is what you said:

Andrew Kinsella: What’s shocking is The Star didn’t give a toss about the ski village until the winter Olympics. Its just a story to you, you care about the ski village as much as I care for going to the dentist. As a local “newspaper” you are in a position to raise awareness for such a thing but you wait until the Olympics .. .. Very poor.

* The Star, Sheffield: We’ve run several stories since the site fell derelict, this one in August 2013 being just one:

Star front page

Star front page

Steve Eaton: If this had been built say at lodge moor it would have been a tourist sensation! Don’t blame people for not going it was always a strange way to get to it!

Kar’El Jacobs: It was a dumping ground before the ski village.

Janet Downes: What about The Star starting a campaign to try and attract an indoor snow centre to the City. Most people cant get to Castleford or Manchester

Paul Frai Allonby: Well said, Janet. Ditto the facilities at Halifax and Ilkeston (good as they may be). Why do our city fathers not show any verve and imagination?

Patricia White: So so sad, its such a waste, it must be rebuilt

Brian Hanson: Another White Elephant. How many more flops does Sheffield need?

Dad killed by raider in shocking attack

On Tuesday we told the story of the Sheffield dad who was killed trying to stop someomene stealing his car.

This is what you thought...

Chris Cliff: Very sad...The scum burglar should be convicted of manslaughter

Michael Burkinshaw: I don’t imply sarcasm or humour but had he survived, it is very likely that he would have been charged with assault.

Relishing seeing MP eating humble pie

In response to a huge outcry from Star readers over his ignorance, South London MP Jim Dowd came to Sheffield to visit the Henderson’s Relish factory and eat a large slice of humble pie - with Hendo’s, of course.

The MP caused a storm after accusing much-loved Henderson’s Relish of copying Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, so he came to put in a shift on the production line in a special peace-making exercise.

You had this to say:

Lynn Carnall: I’m pleased he’s eaten some humble pie ..with lashings of hendo’s on it !

Linda Dawson: Hope they didn’t give him any freebies

Rich Allen: Those London MPs don’t know nowt, especially if it’s further North than the Watford Gap.

Adrian Nicklin: According to the news footage all he said in response on his visit to Sheffield was “it was worth making the journey up here”. It would be worth it if he got a free lunch and all expenses paid travel...

Lee Barker: My heavenly place.

Christine Ann Newton: We call it Worchester sauce over here in Canada!

Steve Bradshaw: Pointless publicity stunt