Re-registering for homes

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In last night’s Star, a letter from KP stated that people will have to re-register every year to keep their names on the housing waiting list to move to an area of their choice. What happens if the letter gets lost and the people that have been waiting all those years don’t get a chance to re-register?

Yes, KP is correct in his assumption that if the people don’t re-register, then all the time they have waited they will have to forfeit their registration and not be given a chance to move to an area that they desire.

Similarly on the estate where I live if a ground-floor flat becomes available and people have been on the waiting list due to health problems or age then you can guarantee that most of the time it is given to somebody who is not disabled and have not been on the waiting list all that time.

On another note, this Labour council have introduced many things that if the people were given a chance to have a vote on the majority would say no.

This includes things like City of Sanctuary and more recently the changing of the age for blocks.

Now, teenagers can be put in the block when the age was 60 plus or 40 plus in the past.

It’s absolutely shameful, it’s a recipe for disaster. Young people and elderly people don’t mix in a block, they have different lifestyles.


Sheffield, S10