Re-register for homes

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People will have had letters from Sheffield Homes urging them to re-register for properties.

Apparently this is going to be a yearly ruling and the penalty is, for those that do not register within 28 days, they will be stripped of their waiting time.

Some people have been waiting for more than 20 years, so that is a very harsh measure.

A lot of people who are ill or haven’t got the mental capacity, or even those overworked, may not re-register because they may not be able to do it themselves or simply misplace it.

Then the time scale will have lapsed and for whatever reason they will lose their waiting time.

I think that this is what this policy is all about, so those that do not re-register will free up years of waiting time so that non-Brits will be housed at the expense of others.

What we are seeing here is that we have become second-class citizens in our own country in every aspect, jobs, housing, welfare and benefits.

It is like Jeremy Biggin, who wrote the letter saying that everywhere we turn there is evidence of skulduggery and it will only get worse.