Rare and honest MP

Barnsley Central MP and ex-Paratrooper Dan Jarvis
Barnsley Central MP and ex-Paratrooper Dan Jarvis
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Well I never! We have found what appears to be a very rare and honest local MP in none other than Barnsley Labour MP Dan Jarvis.

Former Labour frontbencher and ex-soldier Dan Jarvis has suggested he may not represent the party at the 2020 election if its policy is to scrap the Trident nuclear deterrent, which also happens to be our insurance policy against nuclear attack.

The intervention comes after tumultuous days for Labour in which Jeremy Corbyn shifted pro-Trident Maria Eagle from shadow defence secretary and replaced her with Emily Thornberry, who supports his call for Britain to disarm unilaterally and also no doubt to refuse to shoot terrorists.

I would suggest Jarvis is correct in his suggestion but who or what colour will he be standing for if he decides to follow through with his threat? What about the colour purple? Why aren’t more of the pro-trident Labour MP’s saying the same and leaving Corbyn, Livingstone etc, to continue destroying the Labour Party with their own personal nonsensical ideas? They are certainly not the electorate’s ideas of policy.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74