Rag and Tag memories

Potty Edwards
Potty Edwards
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Reading last Saturday’s Retro and reference to the Rag and Tag market, here is a poem I wrote several years ago for a project I was working on.


It’s Saturday and the Blades are away

And Dad’s got a Saturday treat

Take a tram up the Moor to reach Dixon Lane

Where the crowds are thronging the street

There’s the weighing scale saying 2d a weigh

Oh I really look forward to this special day

Rag and Tag days, Rag and Tag days,

Wonderful, wonderful Rag and Tag days

Down the Lane now and to Mace’s Pet Shop

The animal smell lingers strong

In a little boy’s eyes a real fairytale

I gaze there ignoring the pong

There are kittens and puppies and hamsters and fish

I’m closing my eyes and I’m making a wish

Rag and Tag days, Rag and Tag days,

Wonderful. Wonderful Rag and Tag days

Old Potty Edwards stands at his stall

And tosses his pots in the air

The crowd give a cheer at seeing such skill

Admiring a talent so rare

There’s Big Ada cursing, so ugly and large

Scary and frightening and big as a barge

Rag and Tag days, Rag and Tag days,

Wonderful, wonderful Rag and Tag days

Crowds loom above me, will I get lost?

But my hand’s holding tight to my Dad

I sensed all the people there would be kind

And look after a little lost lad

To a young boy this day was a joy

Where wonders and marvels abound

The shouts of the traders all hoping we’d buy

The sights and the smells and the sounds

I’d stumble back home, feeling tired but fine,

And wishing the Blades played away all the time.

Mac Millard

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