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Toby Foster
Toby Foster
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Like Jayne Grayson, (letters, December 30), and G. Ellison, (January 9), I too have stopped listening to Radio Sheffield.

Over the years, the presentation quality has got worse. It started going downhill in 2002 when Tony Capstick was removed from the weekday afternoon show after a decade to make way for Toby Foster.

Before his untimely death a year later, the long-serving presenter was unhappy at hosting the Breakfast Show and with the changes going on at the radio station. He was eventually sacked.

The relaxing, listening atmosphere has become puerile with daft competitions. Favourites such as Gerry Kersey and Everard Davy were replaced by the likes of Jimmy Carol and quality music ditched in favour of mostly 1980s, 1990s and noughties chart hits.

Did the management, with their ‘move with the times’ attitude, want Radio Sheffield to appeal to a younger audience to compete with Hallam FM?

If so, the result is they have alienated many older listeners who have switched Radio Sheffield off in droves because it has been dumbed down.

If common sense prevails, Paulette Edwards would be the ideal Breakfast Show host - and the Monday to Friday afternoon slot filled in by either Bobby Knutt or Ian McMillan.

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