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Bunny the giant greyhound
Bunny the giant greyhound
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WHO let this dog out?

She’s thought to be the world’s biggest greyhound and she’s racing towards Sheffield, atop her special limo, as we speak.

At more than 24-feet long, just under three tonnes in weight and made with Steel City steel, the monster sculpture is sure to be a hair-raising (rather than hare-chasing) sight.

“It’s a 50-times-life-size replica,” says John Gilburn, managing director of Owlerton Greyhound Stadium, one of 25 tracks being visited by the giant canine. “She’s guaranteed to make an impression, leaving bystanders open-mouthed and clutching their camera phones.”

The foam, fibre glass and steel creation – named Bunny after the greyhound Showme Thebunny – will take in Hillsborough, Bramall Lane, Meadowhall, the Peace Gardens, Ecclesall Road and West Street during her two days here. Then she will be on her way again covering 2,500 miles during the 40 day UK tour.

Bunny’s full city timetable is Thursday: Hillsborough 3pm, Owlerton Greyhound Stadium 7.30pm, West Street 9pm. Friday: Meadowhall noon, Bramall Lane 3pm, the Peace Gardens 5pm, Owlerton Greyhound Stadium 7pm, Ecclesall Road 8.30pm, and West Street 10pm.