Pull plug on Emmerdale

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Is it time to pull the plug on soaps such as Emmerdale, which is getting more unbelievable by the week?

Arson, GBH , numerous scams, deaths and people kidnapped and transported in car boots, extortion, fraud, theft, deception and threatening behaviour.

This is just a typical week in the fictional Yorkshire farming village.

If one did not know better, it could be Crimewatch.

We do not expect sheep and lambs frolicking about in the fields, ducks and hens and geese scratting about in the farm yard but the Yorkshire Dales is not Crime Central.

Then there is the third-rate acting of most of the cast.

Time, one would say, for the powers-that-be to have a long hard look at the muck they are dishing out.

George HJ Frederick

Fitzwilliam Street, Swinton, Mexborough