Proud to be a tree hugger

A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
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It would appear that my latest letter about trees, (Star, May 16), in which I said there was ‘a lack of education and understanding’ hit the nail firmly on the head.

Gerry Leckey, (Letters, May 20), like the people I referred, to also misunderstands the situation as he naively says the tree ‘problem’ should be left to the ‘qualified workers who understand the issues’ and that he trusts their expertise.

The tree campaigners clearly understand the issues.

The problem isn’t with the trees but the fact that arboricultural experts advice is being ignored by Sheffield City Council and Amey and they are felling healthy trees unnecessarily.

Amey and SCC are not carrying out work that will improve the city or be beneficial for the trees or residents as sadly once again it is all about money-making contracts and cutting future maintenance costs.

I am proud to be called a ‘tree hugger’ which at least makes me in tune with the environment around us and will continue to complain about the massacre of our city’s beautiful trees until such time as SCC and Amey come to their senses and stop this wanton destruction of healthy trees, even though I may well be in my grave before this happens.

Susan Richardson

The last watering hole

I read last week that the Terminus Tavern has been closed down due to criminal activity. If I’m not mistaken, that was the last watering hole in Darnall.

So, along with the Firth Park/Shiregreen estates, they don’t have a solitary pub standing. Well that is until the old Penguin re-opens, which will be any time soon.

Now we all know that the common denominator in the ‘criminality ‘is the drugs problem. I have said this before, that closing down a place because of drug dealing does not stop the problem, they simply move on to a new venue. Or is that the police master plan,to close every pub? Anyway I hope the new proprietor makes a success of it.

Litter: I would also like to congratulate the Council for continuing their fight against littering. They actually named and shamed the litter louts, which is brilliant. However I couldn’t help but notice that there was one of them from the Page Hall/Firth Park area.

So on that footing I assume it’s all spic and span around there now?

Ted Fowler

by email

Something for nothing

Having watched the TV debate last week, I am still going to vote UKIP.

Why does Paul Nuttall get stick for saying it as it is on immigration? Our infrastructure just cannot sustain current levels, more houses equals more roads, cars and other transport.

More houses also means more gas, water, drainage and sewage, more electric etc. We have fewer police,not enough hospitals and schools.

On employment, we have 1.6 million out of work.

Get these numbers to under 500,000 first. Get a work ethic back here.

If someone gets for example £200 to £300 benefits etc, they must be made to go to work.

If the job pays less, then subsidise with smaller benefit. This would cut welfare costs.

If they don’t take a job, stop benefits, no more something for nothing.

We also have to drastically cut overseas aid and save about £8 billion. Spend this on NHS, police, other services etc creating work here.

A sum of say £1 billion could be set aside to help countries in times of flooding and earthquakes etc. Too much of the aid is wasted.

When will people realise, we have to get our people looked after first? Other countries should step up to the plate.

Finally, on benefits. It’s time to stop/reduce benefits after 3rd child. Why does society have to look after benefits machines?

The pension should not be cut, after all people like myself have worked over 47 years and contributed, unlike some who choose not to bother trying to work.



Let us have a change

This election is not about Brexit or immigration, (senior citizens please note), or about anything other than the record in office.

Nor does it matter about the personality of the leader, as the cabinet as a whole makes decisions. Personally, I prefer Mr Corbyn to a sacred and complacent Theresa May.

Let us examine the record of the last seven years of Tory government.

Failed NHS through lack of funds, not paying nurses and doctors for the brilliant work being done.

Care workers, railways in chaos, buses hopeless, prisons out of control, police numbers cut, fuel companies charging what they like for the grateful rich shareholders.

We have people sleeping rough on the streets in Sheffield, buskers, beggars, food banks and people having to sell Big Issues on the corners of town.

Is this the record of a strong and stable government that Mrs May is talking about?

Fracking is okay here up north, but they won’t have it in Kent, Surrey or Middlesex.

Let’s have fair media coverage from the BBC and other TV channels and ignore propaganda from big business, Murdoch-controlled, newspapers.

Let us have a change to a government that is compassionate and looks after the poor.

Name & address supplied

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10

Security has gone now

I offer my congratulations to Sheffield parks for being as thick as three short planks. The community asked the police to reinforce security by erecting a six foot fence around the park to stop thieves stealing from their gardens and homes.

This was done and the three short plank mob moved in and erected trees next to the fence, now the security of those homes has gone, how thick can you get?



I rest my case my Lord

Reference, Lee Johnson’s email letter, May 20, “What’s Chris Wilder doing?”

In the last 13 months, Chris Wilder has bought, or brought in on loan, several players from the 3rd and 4th Divisions.

Where has it got him and the club he manages, Sheffield United?

Promotion into the Championship.

Sheffield Wednesday, under Carlos Carvalhal, have spent over £20m in total on several players.

Where has that got him and Sheffield Wednesday? Stability in the 2nd Division. I rest my case, my Lord.

Robert Jackson