Protesters doing city a great disservice

Autumn colours at Greno Woods in Sheffield. sent in by Chris Etchells
Autumn colours at Greno Woods in Sheffield. sent in by Chris Etchells
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I live in a village very close to Greno Woods which have been transformed into a beautiful environment for wildlife, walkers and mountain bikers over the last three or four years.

Non-native trees have been felled and undergrowth cleared to allow new life room to grow. (This despite the morons on off-road vehicles trying to spoil it).

The roads and pavements in the villages are gradually being relaid after many years of neglect.

Many of the roads were lined with trees when the houses were built, including Parson Cross, a supposed ‘grey area’, about three miles away.

Some trees have been removed but many more have been planted than removed.

These are blossom trees, ideal for birds and insects and old and new together look great. Saplings are spoken of like a dirty word, but these are fine young trees.

Take a ride or walk from Grenoside village down Fox Hill Road in the spring and admire the row of 30 or so trees planted at the roadside where none existed before.

I have no political persuasion, but do love Sheffield and where I live.

Quotes are being taken out of context, The bottom line is this work has been neglected for the 100 years when the memorial and Rustling Road ‘saplings’ were planted. I am sure at that time they had no idea just how big they would grow.

I can hardly read the memorial stone and what a good idea from some residents on Western Road, who want the large trees removed and to dedicate the new young trees to the fallen pupils and restore the stone memorial.

All councils, like the police, are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

The protesters are costing us money and doing a great disservice to Sheffield with the bad publicity for our beautiful green city.


Grenoside, Sheffield