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We think we live in a democracy, but this present government is making me wonder.

They are changing our voting system in a way that benefits them in an attempt to stay in power for the foreseeable future.

The new voter registration system has wiped hundreds of thousands of people off the electoral register and they are redrawing the parliamentary map in a way that benefits them.

They are tinkering with the Freedom of Information Act to try and water down what information we are allowed to request.

What are they trying to hide?

They are also trying to make cuts to Short Money that funds opposition parties, this is chilling

Finally hidden in the Trade Union Bill is a clause trying to restrict trade unions from supporting the Labour Party financially, but nothing is done to limit the hedge funds and wealthy corporations from funding the Tory Party.

I fear we are heading towards a one party state just as bad as any dictatorship.

The House of Lords will debate the Trade Union Bill over the next few weeks, we need them to protect our democracy from people who pay lip service to the idea.

Judith Reynolds

Winberry Avenue, North Anston, Sheffield, S25 4GZ