Proposed cut in disability benefits

George Osborne
George Osborne
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I do realise that I put myself at risk of appearing, at best, uncharitable and at worst, cold-hearted and unsympathetic but I feel I must comment on the short item in Thursday’s post budget item about the gentleman who believes he faces a cut in his disability benefits as a result of George Osborne’s proposals.

As I do not wish to cause any embarrassment to the gentleman concerned I will refrain from referring to him by name, suffice to say that he was concerned that his expected reduction in benefit would affect his ability to provide for his son, daughter-in-law and grandchild.

It may well be in the way that the item was reported and I know we are not provided with too much background detail but surely any benefits are intended to provide services for the disadvantaged person only.

In this case, my view is that the claimant’s immediate family should be able to stand on their own feet and provide for themselves and not seemingly be dependant on the benefits given to others.

Could it be that this is why the Government is so keen to overhaul the present system in the first place?

A Smith

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